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Psychological Benefits Of Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery, beyond changing physical appearance, can have many psychological benefits such as increasing self-esteem or self-esteem. However, you have to assess your motivations carefully.

There are many reasons why millions of people undergo cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery each year. One of the reasons is to feel better about yourself. People with high self-esteem are proven to be safer, do better at work and in social situations, and have stable relationships. Thus, many specialists consider plastic surgery to be “psychological surgery” because it affects the emotional state. In most cases, people who undergo cosmetic surgery rise because it produces critical psychological benefits.

However, this does not mean that people’s emotional deficiencies will disappear simply by changing their appearance. Some seek to recover the self-esteem lost in operation, which is not the right place to find it.

For most people, cosmetic surgery only means a stimulus that helps the individual develop more safely in different aspects of daily life. Although, it is worth clarifying that these improvements depend on each individual and no operation can improve the sexual experience if there is a severe psychological problem. In this case, it is necessary to resort to another type of specialist – a psychologist – who helps raise self-esteem.

Teens currently want to undergo cosmetic surgery more frequently. However, as their personality is still developing, it is essential to seek professional advice and those parents, maintain sincere communication with their children to ensure that they are making the right decision. If there are doubts about it, it is best to wait until they come of age.

There are extreme cases of people suffering from Body Dysmorphic Disorder, which makes them obsess over a physical appearance that they always consider unpleasant. Usually, this disorder arises in adolescence, so it is necessary to ensure that the reasons why boys want to undergo surgery are essential.


However, it is with adolescents that these interventions’ psychological benefits are most visible since they are the ones who, most of the time, are more sure of themselves and with a more open attitude towards life after an operation.

If you consider that your mental and physical health is adequate and you want to undergo some change through cosmetic surgery, to feel better about yourself, consult your doctor about what you should take into account, and the consequences of these procedures before, during, and after of the intervention. Reputable nose jobs experts in Miami, FL offer a consultation beforehand to discuss these very details. It’s an issue that needs to be treated carefully and expect realistic results: you may want to have the nose of the most famous model, but the chances are that neither the most advanced surgery nor the best surgeon can do it. The best starting point is to accept that everyone is different and set goals consistent with your reality.

When A Woman Wants To Have Surgery, The Support Of The Man Is Essential

Some women consider that the way to overcome the crisis in their marriage is by having plastic surgery. True or false? The experts respond.

The image that others have of us is too vital for many. Self-esteem and the concept you have about yourself is built, to a certain extent, on what we want to reflect. Hence, if we are not comfortable as we see ourselves, self-esteem will be damaged; This is the case of some women who, after postpartum, with the physical changes that are suffered after pregnancy, affect themselves emotionally, which can even influence their relationship with their partner.

After breastfeeding her baby for almost two years, Adriana looked in the mirror and did not like how her breasts had looked. “Unemployed,” she said, and the same thing happened with the little rolls in her abdomen, which despite exercising regularly, knew that they would not disappear without the help of the scalpel; and although she felt like having surgery, finding out about her husband’s infidelity was the impulse it took to make the decision. She underwent augmentation mammoplasty and a tummy tuck. They were six hours in an operating room, which earned him a slow recovery, a urinary infection, and a deep depression.

However, today she looks in the mirror and says that she likes what she sees, although she is not convinced if she would undergo a new intervention again. Adriana assures that she has felt a positive change in her husband because he looks for her more frequently to have sexual relations; He had felt more affectionate and close to her, although she is still in treatment for her depression because due to infidelity she was going through an awkward moment when she decided to have surgery.

Psychiatrists assure that women associate infidelity with the fact that they are no longer seductive enough for their partners, and they see surgery as a tool for reconquest. They associate that if they change physically, they will be the people that their partners knew and will be able to recover their lives together. If women are not satisfied with their physical appearance, self-esteem drops to affect the relationship.

Many plastic surgeons consider that women do not need to increase their breasts to achieve love for men. Still, if their reasons are adequate and do not generate an over-expectation in the results, they may find that in addition to looking good, their sexuality is favored.

The Man’s Support

There are few boyfriends or husbands, who accompany their wives in initial consultations to help them inquire about the surgery and its consequences.

For the expert, the support of the man in the couple’s decision must be complete in making the decision, as financial and emotional support the day before, the day of surgery, and all the time after it.

However, the expert assures that it is a relaxed attitude to think that plastic surgery is the solution to problems. “The construction of life as a couple is based on deeper and more structured foundations, but despite that, it is a magical lifeguard that they go to and then comes discomfort and frustration. Plastic surgery must be done by and to feel good about oneself”.

So the man’s role when the woman expresses the desire to have surgery must be of complete support, recognition, and attention, in addition to finding solutions when other aspects of life in common may conflict.

After surgery, couples live in enjoyment, and it is more than a support, it is enjoying that novelty. But even those who have been considered ‘the most beautiful women in the world’ have suffered because of infidelity because the success and love of a couple are not built on natural taste alone; Although looking and feeling good reflects security and liking for the other, it is the emotional factors that must enter the operating room when there is no satisfaction.

The Importance Of Psychological Help Before Cosmetic Surgery

There are aesthetic operations that can end up modifying the personality of a person if the physical change that it leaves in him is very high. So the orientation of this type is essential when deciding to take the step and determine the flag.

If we don’t like something, we can change it. That is the modern premise of aesthetics, which calls people who are not satisfied with their physique to go to the operating room to change the “defect” that bothers them when they want; however, there are also cases in which plastic surgery can save someone’s life. Although the reasons are different, in both cases, the results will imply a crucial physical change that can transform the patient’s life for better or for worse, depending on how the patient receives his new image. This process of change can be robust, so clinics are currently incorporating psychological help into their procedures for people who want to undergo cosmetic operations.

But why, when changing the appearance of our face with a rhinoplasty or undergoing a gastric bypass to lose weight, is it recommended receiving this type of support before? It is because first, “it is necessary to evaluate the mental order conditions in which the applicant is to guarantee an optimal pre and post-operative condition. The applicant must be free of any psychopathology that contraindicates him and complies with the previously protocolized profile. This will determine if you should start psychological treatment before surgery or if you should only do it afterward”.

What are the surgeries in which it is mandatory to follow therapies, and for how long is it necessary to do it?

“The most common are bariatric surgeries, due to the tremendous physical change that the person has after the operation. As for the period that therapy should last, these may be of the strategic-brief type or take longer. This will depend on the diagnosis involved and can be extended for eight or 12 months in those cases that require further adjustments. In more delicate determinations, it can be for more years, “says the specialist.

Undergoing a plastic operation is very important, because, beyond being a way to renew a person’s image, it is also a tool that can present risks.…