The Importance Of Psychological Help Before Cosmetic Surgery

There are aesthetic operations that can end up modifying the personality of a person if the physical change that it leaves in him is very high. So the orientation of this type is essential when deciding to take the step and determine the flag.

If we don’t like something, we can change it. That is the modern premise of aesthetics, which calls people who are not satisfied with their physique to go to the operating room to change the “defect” that bothers them when they want; however, there are also cases in which plastic surgery can save someone’s life. Although the reasons are different, in both cases, the results will imply a crucial physical change that can transform the patient’s life for better or for worse, depending on how the patient receives his new image. This process of change can be robust, so clinics are currently incorporating psychological help into their procedures for people who want to undergo cosmetic operations.

But why, when changing the appearance of our face with a rhinoplasty or undergoing a gastric bypass to lose weight, is it recommended receiving this type of support before? It is because first, “it is necessary to evaluate the mental order conditions in which the applicant is to guarantee an optimal pre and post-operative condition. The applicant must be free of any psychopathology that contraindicates him and complies with the previously protocolized profile. This will determine if you should start psychological treatment before surgery or if you should only do it afterward”.

What are the surgeries in which it is mandatory to follow therapies, and for how long is it necessary to do it?

“The most common are bariatric surgeries, due to the tremendous physical change that the person has after the operation. As for the period that therapy should last, these may be of the strategic-brief type or take longer. This will depend on the diagnosis involved and can be extended for eight or 12 months in those cases that require further adjustments. In more delicate determinations, it can be for more years, “says the specialist.

Undergoing a plastic operation is very important, because, beyond being a way to renew a person’s image, it is also a tool that can present risks.